My pregnancy was a happy one. I got the usual common cold and seasonal flus but by taking homeopathy I was able to resolve these issues speedily. The good thing about homeopathy is you can feel comfortable taking the remedies during pregnancy knowing it has no negative impact to the fetus. Thanks to homeopathy I was also able to safely and slowly induce labour at around 39 weeks with no side effects. I had decided to breastfeed my baby for the first six months, but after I gave birth, with the stress of managing baby, house and work, my milk supply was impacted. Again, the homeopathic remedy I took resolved this issue (in just a day!) and milk started flowing again.

My overall experience with homeopathy has been a great one. I highly recommend all pregnant mummies to take it. It ensures you are safe and above all your little bubs is well protected whilst inside your belly and after. What more does a mummy need than a healthy baby.