I had several health issues. Gastric Reflux Type II, Allergic reactions (what caused these allergies I did not know), constipation, bloated tummy and being unable to sleep well. It got to the point that I was being hospitalised once every 3-4 months and each time discharged with huge load of medicines to take (and a big hospital bill!). I eventually decided to turn to Homeopathy as its safe and little or no side effects – that’s how I consulted Charu. Its been almost 8 months and I have not stepped into a hospital since I swapped to homeopathy. My bloatedness is down, we found out my allergy was towards dairy products, cheese inclusive (and I learnt how to deal with them), my sleep certainly got better. Whereas I used to sleep around 2-4am every night, these days I am in bed by 11.30pm and asleep at the latest by 12.30am (a drastic improvement) and I am not constipated as I used to be 8 months ago.
My health is slowly healing and consulting Charu is the best thing I did for myself. Charu is able to give clear concise breakthroughs in a very simple down to earth manner. Her home remedies too works well for me, and some of them my mom has since used for herself as well. Further we have just started consulting her with regards to the well being of my 19 yr old autistic boy, treatment just started and I am pretty sure I will see improvements in him as well.