Welcome to Arbor Vitae Homeopathy. My name is Charu and I have been practicing as a classical homeopath in Singapore for over a decade. Please feel free to explore this website and get in touch if you would like to make an appointment to see me.

Arbor Vitae, or The Tree of Life, is an ancient symbol found across cultures worldwide. It represents wholeness, connection and life and is the stable, rooted center of the universe where we can find shelter and healing.

I’m a mother of two kids aged four and three. Before I consulted Charu I was exhausted with the constant and long allergies, flu, fever and cough that my kids used to get and eventually pass to me. My daughter was constantly on nebulizer and was always missing school. Charu’s medicine has been a lifesaver and has done wonders to my kid’s health and also my sanity. 


I have suffered from morning allergies for over 15 years. I have tried just about everything to resolve this condition, from anti histamine medication to laser surgery all to no avail. Finally out of desperation I tried homeopathy with Charu Ramesh, and after approximately 4 months of treatment my allergies are now gone.